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Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Hey guys,

We're new to this group. Thought we'd post a story and share with you all what we've been up to.

Love it or hate it, we don't really give a fuck ;)


There's this boy.
He's a rather large boy.

We were coming back from Mambo's on a Thursday night. We met up with this boy at Clarke's on Belmont, after finding out that he was there with some friends. This boy had been lusting after one of us for a while, even though he had a boyfriend.

We met up with him and his friends and ate a late dinner/early morning snack. The boy kept giving one of us the googly eye, and we figured, sure, why not play this for what it's worth.

We offered him a ride back to his apartment. One of us had been there already for a late night rendevous. It wasn't anything special.

We went upstairs. He offered us something to drink. We declined.

No Fiji.

After a while, we decided to get this ball on a roll, because gosh knows, his bootleg porn wasn't very amusing.

We told him to pull out his goodies. He obliged very willingly. We told him to stroke it. He did.

He wanted to touch ours. We said no. Ladies don't do that sort of thing.

We were rubbing his titties and talking dirty to him.

He wanted it bad. He wanted to play with us. He had a short fat salami with some of the biggest cheese balls we have ever seen. WE seriously thought there were three in there.

He was ready to come when we were ready to go.

We walked out the door as he was ready to finish.

As we left his apartment building, we ran down the street fast, giggling like "Asian school girls...plaid skirt and all".

We drove home. We went to bed. He went back to his room alone.

I wonder what his boyfriend thinks?
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