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i don't understand the fags that feel the need to proclaim their femininity to the world. like ""watch out bitches! this is one GIRLY faggot strutin' her shit up in here!"

that annoys me to no end. I mean, you're gay. congratulations. so am i, but you don't see me shouting it. straight men don't go around scraming "im so fucking masculine! and i love pussy!"

oh yes. my name is uriel. im new.
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Charles Nelson Reilly

Even the word "Diva" makes me cringe...

How about a party...

Where no female artists who recognized by one name (except for Missy, of course) will be played?
Where nobody will be allowed in if they show any sign of a rainbow.
Where the moment anyone mentions a "Pride Parade," they are escorted to the exit.
Where there will be no flashy lights. Nope, not even the strobe, folks.

Look, it's my party and I can cry if I want to.
But I don't cry, I do the Harlem Shake instead.

That's just me, though.

No, I don't like the Pet Shop Boys.

Go away (:
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Charles Nelson Reilly

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i want to have a gay party where music like george michael, pet shop boys, and kylie minogue are all banned.

heeeere's the dilemma, however...

there's no one to invite. anywhere.

i think the answer lies in california, i truly do.
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